Bike-packing in New Zealand is a bucket list adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. The rugged and diverse landscape provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable journeys on two wheels. To truly experience the best of this breathtaking country, one must hit the trails with a set of tried-and-true Dyed in the Wool bags. With these durable bags, you'll be able to pack everything you need for days of exploration and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of New Zealand.

Here are five of the best bike packing trails in New Zealand that will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth:


1. The Old Ghost Road

The history of this trail is intertwined with the rich mining heritage of the West Coast. In the late 1800s, gold was discovered in the area, and a road was built to transport supplies and equipment to the mines. The Old Ghost Road was named after the Ghost Creek, which got its name from the ghost-like white quartz that was found in the area. The road fell into disuse in the early 1900s, and was eventually forgotten. In the 2000s, a group of dedicated volunteers worked to clear the overgrown track and restore the historic huts along the route. Today, the Old Ghost Road is a world-class bike packing destination that offers a unique glimpse into the rugged history of the West Coast

This 85km trail takes you through the remote wilderness of the South Island. Starting in Lyell, the trail follows an old gold miners' road before winding through pristine forest and crossing suspension bridges over rugged rivers. Expect to spend at least 3-4 days on this epic journey. 

Slugpacking New Zealand's Old Ghost Road -

Slugpacking New Zealand's Old Ghost Road -



2. The Heaphy Track

The Heaphy Track has a long and fascinating history that spans thousands of years. The Maori people have lived in the area for centuries, and the track was once a trading route between the east and west coasts of the South Island. European explorers first visited the area in the mid-19th century, and gold was discovered in the 1860s. In the early 20th century, the government began construction of a road through the area, but it was never completed. The Heaphy Track was officially opened as a Great Walk in 1988, and has since become a popular destination for hikers and bike packers alike.

This 78.4km trail takes you from Golden Bay to Karamea on the West Coast. Along the way, you'll traverse high alpine passes, wild river valleys, and dense rainforests. The track takes 4-5 days to complete and offers stunning views of the Tasman Sea.

Top of the South (TOTS), NZ -


3. The Motatapu Track

The Motatapu Track follows the historic route that was used by Maori hunters and traders for centuries. In the late 1800s, gold was discovered in the area, and a small town was established to serve the miners. The town was eventually abandoned, and the area was used for farming and forestry. The Motatapu Track was officially opened as a bike packing trail in 2013, and has since become a favourite among adventurous riders looking for a challenging and scenic journey through the heart of the Southern Alps.

This 47km trail follows the historic route from Wanaka to Arrowtown. It's a challenging ride that takes you through remote high country and past the stunning peaks of the Southern Alps. Plan to spend at least two days on this trail. 

Motatapu 2023 | Explore | Wanaka Official Website


4. The Queen Charlotte Track

The history of the Queen Charlotte Track is closely tied to the Maori people who have lived in the Marlborough Sounds for centuries. The track follows the same route that was used by Maori tribes to travel between the Sounds and the Tasman Sea. In the late 1800s, European settlers began to establish farms and logging operations in the area, and the track was used to transport goods between the coast and the inland settlements. Today, the Queen Charlotte Track is a popular bike packing destination that offers stunning views of the Sounds and the surrounding hills.

This 72km trail takes you along the picturesque Marlborough Sounds. You'll enjoy stunning views of the turquoise water and the surrounding hills as you ride from Ship Cove to Anakiwa. The track takes 2-3 days to complete and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and relaxing. 

Walks, bike rides and kayaking | Marlborough, NZ


5. The Timber Trail

The Timber Trail follows the historic logging routes that were used by the sawmills in the area in the early 1900s. The timber was transported to the mills by tramway, and the tracks were eventually abandoned when the industry declined. In the 2000s, a group of dedicated volunteers worked to restore the track and create a bike packing trail that would showcase the beauty of the native forest. Today, the Timber Trail is a popular destination for riders looking for a scenic and accessible journey through one of the last remaining areas of native forest in the North Island.

This 85km trail takes you through the heart of the North Island's native forest. Starting in Pureora, the trail follows old logging roads and tramways before finishing in Ongarue. It's a relatively easy ride that takes 2-3 days to complete.

These five trails are just a taste of the incredible bike packing adventures that New Zealand has to offer. With Dyed in the Wool bags on your bike, you'll be ready for any challenge that comes your way. So grab your gear, hit the trails, and immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness of this breathtaking country.

The Timber Trail | Visit Ruapehu

Bike-packing with Dyed in the Wool

From commuting around London during the week and adventures on the weekends, Dyed in the Wool ( DITW ) grew out of our love of bikes and love of travel.

Nature and adventure are the main driving elements for doing what they do. That feeling of arriving at a secluded glen or river, being in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain. We want our products to give you the tools to explore and appreciate nature more as well as aid your city adventures and so we strive to make our products as sustainable and functional as possible.

Our love for bespoke, custom and unique, every day encourages us to push the boundaries, discover new possibilities and aesthetics. Therefore DITW create each bag as one off, giving all the attention and care to every single piece they create.

Dyed in the Wool offers a range of different bikepacking bags, including:


Handlebar bags -

Handlebar bags are perfect for carrying bulky items like sleeping bags, tents, and clothing. Dyed in the Wool's handlebar bags come in different sizes and configurations, including roll-top designs and models with mesh pockets for easy access.


Top tube bags -

Top tube bags attach to the top tube of the bike frame, providing easy access to snacks, electronics, or other small items. Dyed in the Wool offers a variety of top tube bag designs, including single and double-sided models.


Seat bags -

Seat bags are designed to attach to the seat post and saddle rails, providing a stable and secure place to store gear. Dyed in the Wool's seat bags come in different sizes, including larger models that can hold sleeping bags or tents.


Frame bags -

These bags are designed to fit inside the main triangle of the bike frame, providing a low center of gravity and stable handling. Dyed in the Wool's frame bags are available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different bike frames.


All of Dyed in the Wool's bike-packing bags are handmade using high-quality materials like Cordura nylon and YKK zippers. The company also offers custom designs and can work with customers to create bags that meet their specific needs. Overall, Dyed in the Wool is a great choice for cyclists looking for durable, functional bikepacking bags that are made to last.


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